September 23, 2020

Legal Beat

Top contenders for Ginsburg’s seat on Supreme Court

President Donald Trump has said he would nominate a woman to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died Friday at the age of 87 and was a champion of gender equality. A look at the top contenders: ___ AMY CONEY BARRETT Barrett, 48, is widely considered to be the front-runner. She was previously considered as


President Trump addresses United Nations General Assembly on China

President Trump virtually addressed the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, where he explained how America is leading the global fight against an invisible enemy that has claimed countless lives in 188 countries: In the United States, we launched the most aggressive mobilization since the Second World War. We rapidly produced a record


Opinion: Violent Riots, Not Peaceful Protests, Are Happening in American Cities

Over the last few months, dozens of U.S. cities (and small towns) have been victimized by violent looters. Although the mainstream media have reported that these are mostly peaceful protests, the facts speak otherwise. Since the death of George Floyd, cities throughout America, including my hometown of Chicago, have been ravaged by radical anarchists who are

Legal Beat

Former Governor Rod Blagojevich Gave First Criminal Justice Speech at Inmates to Entrepreneurs Graduation

Inmates to Entrepreneurs, a national nonprofit that teaches people with criminal records how to start and grow their own businesses, announced that former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich gave a commencement address at the Inmates to Entrepreneurs national course graduation. The course, which was open to individuals with criminal backgrounds who are interested in entrepreneurship, had

Legal Beat

Ginsburg’s decades on high court included numerous Arizona rulings

In a 27-year career on the Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote more than 200 opinions and countless dissenting opinions that were known for the sharp language that made them one of her trademarks. Any case before the Supreme Court has national impact, but a fraction of cases the court decided during Ginsburg’s tenure


New pro-Prop. 208 ad again fails to disclose huge tax increase, impact on small business

Proponents of Proposition 208 released their third television ad on Tuesday and, just like their first two ads, the latest ad says nothing about the initiative’s central provision: a 77.7% income tax increase.  “Proponents of Proposition 208 are 0 for 3 when it comes to telling Arizona exactly what their initiative does,” No On Prop. 208 Chairman

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