Opinion: The Silent Majority Should Start Fighting Back

It appears that the millionaire prima donnas who play professional sports in our country are either myopically ignorant or flat out stupid. Maybe they just despise America and won’t let facts get in the way of their hatred. They are joined in their anti-American, anti-flag, anti-nation anthem displays by their owners and league commissioners. Now the NFL, NBA and an agenda bent radical press, have brought other professional sports leagues into their delusion that America is racist and police brutality is rampant. Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League are now displaying Marxist Black Lives Matter flags and other symbols according to sports columnist Jason Whitlock.

Players lock arms, supposedly in solidarity, against racism. Some of them stay in the locker room during the national anthem. Some of them kneel during its playing. Some of them raise clenched fists. Some sports leagues play our national anthem after playing the so-called black national anthem, “Lift every voice and sing”. Two national anthems for two different races. There’s a unifying idea.

These elite millionaire professional athlete whiners focus on everything negative in our nation’s racial history and fail to give even a passing nod to all of the corrective actions, laws and policies that have countered our past inequities. They dwell on slavery and slough off the hundreds of thousands who fought and died to end it. They brood about the horrid Jim Crow laws and segregation, but never mention the civil rights laws, court decisions and multi-ethnic civil rights workers and protesters who help to reverse these injustices.

If the Marxist organization that calls itself, Black Lives Matter, really cared about the lives of black individuals, they would be protesting against Planned Parenthood because of the millions of black babies that have been aborted since the Wade v Roe decision. They would question why the vast majority of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are in minority neighborhoods. If BLM really thought that black lives matter, they would encourage two parent households. The science shows that kids brought up in those households have a much greater chance of succeeding in school and in life. Those children are much less likely to commit crimes or suicide. Instead, according to their website, BLM wants to get rid of the nuclear family.

Instead of going to enjoy a NFL, NBA, Major League baseball or professional hockey game, the fan is now subjected to the views that the vast majority don’t agree with, or at the very least, have nothing to do with the sport they want to see. Try watching a sport show without often having to listen to the political views of some sports “hero” who has never read the Declaration of Independence or Constitution. LeBron James may be a great basketball player, but when he tries to spread his hallucination that black people are being hunted by whites, it just proves to anyone who knows the true statistics about interracial crime, that he is a complete ignoramus. (By the way, has LeBron responded to LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s suggestion that he match the reward offered for information about the coward who attempted to kill two Deputies on September 12? If not, he is also a hypocrite and a coward).

The majority of us who despise kneeling during the National Anthem, the playing of two anthems, the displaying of Marxist organizations names and slogans, need to show the leagues, players, coaches, broadcasters and their sponsors that we abhor the politicization of sports. I heard on a talk radio show, an NFL fan, canceled his season tickets, and donated his refund to Trump’s reelection campaign. I would like to go one better. How about a national tailgate party where all of the patriots would take all of their professional sports hats, shirts, pennants and banners, as well as any Nike gear, and conduct a giant bonfire in the parking lot of their home team of whatever sport. Maybe then, the silent majority would be heard.

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3 thoughts on “Opinion: The Silent Majority Should Start Fighting Back”

  1. Totally agree. I am boycotting both games and sponsors. What have these s…. done for their country or anything else. They are worthless. I also boycott the Hollywood Bunch.

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