BREAKING: Support for Prop 207 Drops as Voters Learn More

The latest polling shows the claimed “inevitable” recreational marijuana initiative losing ground as Arizona voters learn of sweeping details buried in the 17-page measure.

One poll, cited here, indicates just one-percentage point (1%) separates opposition from support. That is a dramatic shift from the previous polling that asked Arizona voters broadly about marijuana legalization.

A second poll also shows support dwindling down to 51% among registered voters, and just 47% support among likely voters.

Chair of Arizonans for Health and Public Safety, Lisa James says, “Voters are learning Prop 207 goes far beyond decriminalizing recreational marijuana to the point of weakening current DUI laws and an employer’s right to keep a drug-free workplace. They’re not comfortable with the fact the initiative would allow more impaired drivers on the road, with no roadside test to gauge impairment and no standard of impairment.” James added, “Arizonans are beginning to understand how the initiative would not bring in revenue without costing taxpayers even more in marijuana-related expenses. And they don’t want to be locking Arizona in to bad policy through a ballot initiative that lawmakers cannot fix.”

Growing opposition to Prop 207 extends to Arizona professional organizations, leaders and lawmakers across Arizona. Those publicly in opposition so far include:

  • Governor Doug Ducey
  • The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • The Greater Phoenix Chamber
  • The Arizona Medical Association
  • Ann-Marie Alameddin, President and CEO of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association
  • Ed Gogek, M.D. – Board-Certified Psychiatrist
  • The Arizona State Troopers Association
  • The Arizona Sheriff’s Association
  • Sheriff Mark Lamb, Pinal County
  • Southern Arizona Leadership Committee

See the full list here.

James concluded, “These poll results and extensive leadership opposition indicate Arizona voters can see past the fancy title and slick marketing to the consequences of such a lengthy and self-serving initiative written by marijuana stakeholders.”

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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Support for Prop 207 Drops as Voters Learn More”

  1. Important to note: Prop 207 does NOT remove an employer’s right to a drug-free workplace (Section 4, Chapter 28.2, 36-2851, Point 1.). Prop 207 also does NOT approve of any sort of operating of machinery under any influence of marijuana (Section 4, Chapter 28.2, 36-2851, Point 3) and even goes as far to allocating funds to purchase equipment for detecting, testing, and enforcing laws against driving while impaired (Section 3, 36-2817, Point 3(a)).

  2. The problem with voter ballot proposition initiatives is that once voted in nothing can be changed or tweaked to cover unforeseen problems. This needs to be a legislative bill so that it can be fixed as needed.

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