The Arizona Farm Bureau’s AgPAC Endorses Brenda Barton for State Representative

The Arizona Agriculture’s Political Action Committee of the Arizona Farm Bureau (AgPAC) endorses Brenda Barton for Arizona State Representative. [Legislative District 6]

Brenda Barton understands how important farmers and growers are to the Arizona way of life. As a legislator, Brenda will prioritize policies that will support and empower the economic recovery of rural Arizona.

Brenda’s experience in the agriculture sector speaks to her ability to lead on these issues. As a previous chair of the House Committee for Agriculture and Water and member of the North American Council of the State Agriculture and Rural Leaders Legislative Summit, Brenda knows what it takes to defend the agriculture industry and the great state of Arizona.

“The candidates we endorse today have proven their commitment to preserving agriculture’s access to water and protecting private property rights. If elected in November, we look forward to working with each of them toward a more prosperous future for Arizona agriculture,” AgPAC said in an official statement, endorsing Barton for Arizona State Representative.

Barton says she “is ready to fight for our hard-working growers and farmers in the Arizona legislature.”