Observations on the BLM March in Prescott

On Friday, September 4, 2020, I picked up my buddy, Kim and we drove downtown.  Like thousands of others, we heard that the Black Lives Matter Marxist group was going to conduct a protest march around the Courthouse Plaza. I parked my car on the side street across from Chase Bank.

After walking around the courthouse, this is what we saw: there was about five times as many anti-BLM/Antifa people as BLM protesters, not surprising since this is the major Republican/Trump stronghold in AZ.  These people were almost all local people from the Quad City area, and they went to the Courthouse to make sure that violence and property damage that has occurred in other cities and towns where these marches took place, didn’t occur in Prescott.

Arizona is an open carry state, so there was a lot of guns on people’s hips and some rifles scattered around.  (Just as an aside, when I’m packing a firearm, I always carry my gun concealed.  I want it to be a surprise if I’m forced by circumstances to pull it out.  Also, I believe that a bad guy/psycho or suicidal maniac, who wanted to shoot as many people as possible, would start with the people he saw openly wearing guns.) The protest didn’t last long.

I don’t think most of the BLM people were from Prescott, but those that were probably were associated in some way with the radical left leaning Prescott College.  Almost all of the local patriots were wearing MAGA hats, Trump t-shirts or Blue Lives Matter regalia. They considered these Marxist BLM people to be interlopers who are looking for trouble.  Like all cowards, when they were confronted with superior numbers, they decided not to cause any trouble and their march was peaceful. There was profanity hurled by both sides, but that was pretty much the extent of it. I didn’t hear any racial slurs at all.

After BLM walked around the Courthouse Plaza once or twice, they started walking west on Gurley toward Prescott College.  One of the Marxist founders of BLM, Patrisse Cullers, teaches at Prescott College and may live in Prescott, so that may have been where they were headed.  I didn’t see any black people in the protesters.  Since I parked my car on one of the side streets off Gurley, my buddy Kim and I started following the protesters to make sure my car wasn’t vandalized. An elderly man and woman from the protesters stopped and sat on a bench on the sidewalk. She held a sign that said “Racism in Prescott”.  I asked her where the racism in Prescott was and that I didn’t see any black people protesting.  Her only response was that there were some black people at the front of the march.

I wanted to tell her how sorry I was for her because it was apparent that she just got up every morning wondering what she would see, hear or read that day that would offend her because it was racist, sexist, xenophobic, misogynist or homophobic.  And when she did hear it, she still wouldn’t be happy because it would just confirm her belief that she lived in such a horrible country.  What a miserable existence she must have.

The only other thing that attracted my attention was when some of the BLM Marxists were chanting, “Black lives matter,” some of the patriots responded, “All lives matter.” I disagree with both cliches. I believe that most lives matter. If you say all lives matter than equate Mother Teresa’s life with Jeffrey Dahmer and Charlie Manson. It is hard to imagine that Dr. Martin Luther King’s life matters just the same as Idi Amin or Wayne Williams, so we shouldn’t use either of those terms again.

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  1. I believe we had another “protest” this past Friday, September 11th. Does anyone know how that went as I have not seen any posts or news reports.

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