Nonprofits Champion and Advocate For Voting as a Fundamental Right and a Key to a Brighter Future

Nonprofit organizations are champions in advocating for every person’s most fundamental right – to have a say in their own futures. Front-and-center in that effort is ensuring the right to vote and encouraging all eligible voters to register and get to the polls or vote by mail.

“The pandemic has magnified, not lessened, the importance of work by charitable nonprofits to help those they serve, their families, colleagues and friends lift their voices by being counted in the census and by casting votes,” said Alliance for Arizona Nonprofits Chief Executive Officer Kristen Merrifield.

With National Voter Registration Day on Sept. 22, a number of Arizona nonprofits are engaged in the effort to educate the community about individual rights including voting and involvement in the process.

  • Kids Voting Arizona ( is committed to creating lifelong habits in children and increasing adult voter turnout in a partnership with the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education with more than 200,000 Arizona students voting in presidential elections.
  • Arizona Advocacy Network ( programs align with its belief that the cornerstones of a vibrant democracy are meaningful voting rights and access to the ballot.
  • The League of Women Voters ( encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy.
  • Through its web-based Legislative Action Center, Arizona Citizens for the Arts (www.azcitizensforthearts) provides easy access to contact information for Arizona legislators and bills being considered during the legislative session that impact the arts and cultural community.

Voters across Arizona also can find important information about voting on the Arizona Secretary of State website ( and at, which offers a range of information about voting and voting sites as well as details about voter registration, guidance for reducing COVID-19 risks, what to bring to the polls and key election-related dates.

Among the important dates are

  • Sept. 22 – National Voter Registration Day
  • Oct. 5 – voter registration deadline;
  • Oct. 7 – first day for counties to mail ballots to voters and first day of in-person voting;
  • Oct. 23 – last day to request a ballot-by-mail or to sign up for permanent early voting;
  • Oct. 27 – recommended deadline to mail back ballots and, of course,
  • Nov. 3 –  Election Day.

There also are general election frequently asked questions and information about how the state secures Arizona elections.

In a presentation to the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs suggested that nonprofit organizations can help ensure the widest possible turnout by encouraging eligible board and staff members to register and providing registration information to clients, customers or members.

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