September 12, 2020

Legal Beat

Judge denies Jail Lawsuit, citing wrong court rule

In what appears to be an Order containing erroneous references to the Arizona Rules of  Civil Procedure, Pro Tem Superior Court Judge Thomas Kelly, on Wednesday, September 9th,  denied a request by resident Bill Williams, to halt construction of a controversial new county jail in Prescott. The lawsuit, based in part on the county’s alleged failure to


Comforting families, warning foes: Biden, Trump mark 9/11

One spent time quietly consoling families. The other proclaimed America’s might. President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden marked the 19th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on Friday at memorial services where their differences in style couldn’t have been more sharply on display. As Biden approached those who’d lost loved ones at


Opinion: If Biden Is Elected, There Is Far More to Fear Than Violence

I get it. People are tired of the fighting, the riots, losing friends and family over our political differences. Some speculate the violence and division might calm down with a Joe Biden win in November. Interesting thought, but not reality based. It is not Republicans who focus on constantly dividing us by race, gender, rich


Constitution Day — Point-Counterpoint

Point: Who Can Save Our Constitution? Only We, The People Elizabeth Wydra | What is a constitution? A constitution is made up of words and sentences, explaining how a government should and should not operate, and declaring which people — and what values — a government should protect. A democratic constitution, however, means little


As workers call for aid, Senate again stalls on COVID-19 relief bill

The Senate on Thursday failed to advance a new COVID-19 relief bill, continuing months of partisan stalemate over a plan while people like Arizona native Koala Infante can only wait and watch. Infante, a flight attendant for United Airlines, joined dozens of other airline workers this week demanding that an extension of aid for airlines


Phoenix city manager rejects Black Lives Matter street mural near arena

City Manager Ed Zuercher has rejected an organizer’s proposal to place a Black Lives Matter street mural in downtown Phoenix, similar to those that have popped up across the country in the wake of demands for racial justice. Zuercher on Wednesday rejected the proposal by Gizette Knight to place a BLM mural next to Talking

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