President Trump’s 20 additions to his Supreme Court list

The President announced 20 additions to his list of qualified potential Supreme Court nominees yesterday. The 20 men and women he named are committed to the American ideal of impartial rule of law—a value that makes our country exceptional.

“Apart from matters of war and peace, the nomination of a Supreme Court justice is the most important decision an American President can make,” President Trump said.

Filling a vacancy on the Supreme Court is a decision that shapes America’s future for generations. President Trump wants judges who will preserve our Constitution as written—not subject it to their whims or policy preferences.

“In the recent past, many of our most treasured freedoms, including religious liberty, free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms, have been saved by a single vote on the United States Supreme Court,” President Trump said.

The new names on President Trump’s list include distinguished Federal judges as well as legislators with a long history of fighting for our Constitution, such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

The list can be found (with full descriptions of who the people are) here. And the video is here.