September 11, 2020

Creation Corner

Creation and Social Justice

David McNabb kicks off the Creation Corner series by interviewing Dr. Kevin Anderson  of the Creation Research Society about creation and social justice.

Creation Corner

Creation Corner: Dr. Kevin Anderson

Host David McNabb welcomes back Dr. Kevin Anderson, the director of the Creation Research Society, to learn about the history of the center and Kevin himself.

Prescott Talks

Quang Nguyen at Prescott Talks

Glenn Martin is back and brings Quang Nguyen back into the studio. Quang is running in the general election for AZ State Representative for District 1. Visit to learn more.  


Opinion: More Could Work From Home If States Would Let Them

Minnesota entrepreneur Nicole Pomije knows firsthand how a small residential business can grow into something more. She launched The Cookie Cups bakery from her home in 2015, and today the enterprise offers catering services, classes and over-the-counter sales at two retail locations near Minneapolis. “It’s extremely satisfying that I can come into my office, located


Opinions: NFL in 2020 — Point-Counterpoint

Point: The NFL Can’t Avoid Politics Even If It Wants To Brian Wakamo | The NFL season is approaching, and it arrives into a much different world than the one in which the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. In the long months since, a pandemic has killed more than 180,000 people in America,


President Trump’s 20 additions to his Supreme Court list

The President announced 20 additions to his list of qualified potential Supreme Court nominees yesterday. The 20 men and women he named are committed to the American ideal of impartial rule of law—a value that makes our country exceptional. “Apart from matters of war and peace, the nomination of a Supreme Court justice is the

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