Yavapai College Offers Exciting Eight-Week Courses Beginning October 12

Looking to expand your workplace skill set? Explore your expressive side? Perhaps you can use this pandemic as an opportunity to develop your talent into something more. Yavapai College offers a schedule-friendly approach to self-improvement with almost 100 eight-week courses that commence Monday, October 12.

Registration is already open for these three-credit courses that commence in mid-October and end in mid-December. YC offers most of these classes online, allowing students to learn from the safety of their homes, expand their resumés or add new skills – and all before the year is out! A full list is available at: www.yc.edu/eightweek

Yavapai College’s most distinctive courses include Podcasting and Stop-Motion Animation, from the Film & Media Arts Program. The FMA 104 Podcasting class guides students through the conception and production of audio storytelling. They will be able to create a podcast and integrate it with websites and social media. The stop-motion animation class, FMA 113, teaches the fundamentals of the animation style made popular with Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run. YC’s Arts and Humanities School also offers a host of courses to develop your inner artist, including Jewelry making (ART 298), Digital Drawing & Painting (ART 129), Music, Printmaking and more.

YC’s eight-week schedules also invites aspiring career-changers a chance to get acquainted with a new field. The Computer Networking class (CNT 101) teaches the basics of integrated networks and cybercrime prevention. Introduction to Early Childhood Education (ECE 200) gives prospective teachers a first glimpse into reaching and teaching young minds. The College also offers introductory courses in Computer Programming (CSC 105) Criminal Justice (AJS 101) Psychology (PSY 101) and Accounting (ACC 121). Students looking to establish a foundation in Biology, Geography or Mathematics can find core courses in those subjects, as well.

And those seeking a fresh approach in their chosen field can broaden their skills at the School of Business. Courses there range from those that build personal workplace proficiency – learning Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint and Office for Windows – to classes that cultivate executive-level abilities like Leadership & Communication (MGT 113), Principles of Management (MGT 220) and Social Media Marketing (MGT 231).

Registration is for Yavapai College’s eight-week 2020 semester is already underway, with classes commencing Monday, October 12. For a complete list of available courses or registration information, please call: (928) 717.7777 or visit Yavapai College online at:  www.yc.edu/eightweek

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