September 5, 2020

Arts & Culture

Prescott Center For the Arts Receives an Anonymous Donation for $3M

Prescott Center for the Arts is honored to announced that an anonymous donor contributed $3M to the arts organization. The amount nearly funds the entire capital campaign project announced in 2018. “We had put everything on hold. It didn’t make sense to fundraise when there was such tremendous need in our community. We closed our doors on March 12th and have,


EPA unveils Western office to focus on abandoned mine tracking, cleanup

The Environmental Protection Agency announced plans Wednesday for a new office that will focus on tracking and cleaning up abandoned mines in Western states, a particular problem in Arizona with uranium and other mines. The unveiling of the Office of Mountains, Deserts and Plains was welcomed by officials from the states where it will be

Legal Beat

‘Super-predator’ legacy: How children end up in the adult justice system

Tens of thousands of children, mostly teens, are prosecuted as adults every year, and some serve out their sentences in prisons where most of the inmates are adults. Nationally, no single organization tracks the number of young people sentenced as adults because each state uses an array of their own laws and variables to decide

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