Community Development Counter Now Open at Prescott City Hall

Effective immediately, the City of Prescott Community Development Department front counter will reopen for in-person service.  The counter will be open during normal City Hall Hours – Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.   According to Community Development Director Bryn Stotler, electronic submittals will continue as the preferred and most expeditious method of submittal for permit applications and plan review re-submits.

Paper submittals will continue to be subject to a mandatory 72-hour quarantine, which will delay intake and review. The collection bin for paper submittals is located in the Community Development lobby area at the north end.

Here is the recommended procedure:

FOR SUBMITTALS:  ELECTRONIC SUBMITTALS via our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site (links below) will continue for upload of PDF versions of plan sets, permit applications, site/plot plans, and any other documents required for submittal.

  • ELECTRONIC submittals for permitting, plan review, engineering permits, fire plan services, and planning & zoning projects is accessible at the following links:

Building Permits

Planning & Zoning Projects

Engineering Permits

Please see full instructions for Electronic Submittals and use of our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) portal at:

  • Use any of the following emails (based on the type of request or issue) to ask a building permit question, submit zoning inquiries, or to gain assistance from a team member with your project, permit, or plans:

  • Resources to assist customers with Building, Fire, or Public Works permits, plan review re-submits, and exchange of planning project materials are available on the City’s website.

Permit applications of all types can be accessed at:

Electronic submittals are prioritized; please read Electronic Submittal instructions carefully to avoid delays with your permit or project, and feel free to email (addresses above) with any questions. Responses to inquiries usually occur the same day submitted, but within 24 hours in any event.

Any permit deposits due will be temporarily deferred at the time of submittal; staff members will contact applicants with more information as intake of your application proceeds. Permit processing will take place by the permitting staff as usual.

PERMIT ISSUANCE will continue to be by appointment only, and payment processing and issuance will take place at our drive-up permit location in the one-way alley on the east side of City Hall. Look for signage and barricades identifying appropriate parking locations. Please only utilize the drive-up services area if you have already scheduled an appointment, so as not to disrupt the scheduled appointment(s) of other customers.  PLEASE DO NOT USE THE UTILITY BILLING DRIVE-UP WINDOW FOR PERMITTING, PLAN RE-SUBMIT, OR PLANNING APPOINTMENTS. THANK YOU!

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