AmeriCorps Members Need Community Help to Collect Food for Local Veterans

Arizona Serve, an AmeriCorps program of Prescott College, is hosting a food drive to benefit local un-sheltered veterans and the agencies that serve them during the month of September. Non-perishable items can be dropped off at the Arizona Serve and Prescott College Veterans Center located at 308 Grove Ave in Prescott. These goods will then be leveraged during the Yavapai County Stand Down in November.

Arizona Serve has nearly 40 members that range in age from 17 to 97 working at nonprofit and public agencies throughout the Quad  Cities. They complete individual service assignments but then gather together for four National Days of Service, the first in remembrance of September 11th.

“Making a meaningful impact that engages the community is what we are striving to do, especially as the pandemic continues to affect those most vulnerable amongst us” said Annie Reifsnyder, Director of Training and Member Experience for Arizona Serve of Prescott College.

The Yavapai County Stand Down is an event that provides essential services to veterans experiencing homelessness.

“The purpose is to provide those who bravely served our country a reprieve from homelessness,” said Kristen Gomes, Operations Manager of U.S. VETS.  “We want to provide access to needed resources such as housing and services with a goal to end homelessness among veterans.”

Some of those resources include legal care, career services, clothing donations, hygiene services and food donations that will come from community participation. Together our county can make a huge difference.

To find out more information on the food drive or host your own donation box email or call Mona Stephens at 928-350-3223.  If you would like to learn more about our agencies and become an AmeriCorps member, please reach out to Arizona Serve. They are looking to fill positions with various organizations and need your help

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