August 24, 2020


Saved by suburbs: Food trucks hit by virus find new foodies

On a warm summer night, two food trucks pulled onto a tree-lined street in a hilltop neighborhood outside Seattle. The smell of grilled meat filled the air, and neighbors slurped on boba tea drinks. Toddlers, teens, their parents and dogs sat in the grass, chatting behind masks, laughing and mimicking imaginary hugs to stay socially


Lead in Drinking Water: What are the Health Risks and How to Prevent It

Lead is a highly toxic bluish gray metal that gets into drinking water via lead pipes, faucets, and fixtures. If ingested in the body, lead can wreak havoc to the central nervous system and nearly every organ in the body. Lead Pipes Are Ancient History Lead has been used for centuries to create water pipelines


Opinion: 72 Percent of Credit-Challenged Americans Set Back by COVID-19

An all too familiar statistic is the Federal Reserve’s 2018 finding that 40 percent of Americans would struggle to pay for a $400 emergency expense, signaling that despite a decade-long bull market on Wall Street, millions on Main Street continued to live only one crisis away from disaster, even during boom times. For many, that disaster

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