Superintendent Hoffman Announces Partnership with Arizona Boys and Girls Club and YMCA

The Arizona Department of Education, in collaboration with the Governor Doug Ducey’s office, recently partnered with the Arizona Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs and the Valley of the Sun YMCA on a 5-week bridge period (August 10, 2020 – September 11, 2020) for the beginning of the academic year to support communities across Arizona with a safe space for learning and development. Under the most recent Executive Order schools are required to provide a physical space for the most at-risk students to complete their distance learning plans.

“While the need, and availability of this space is expected to vary between school communities the Arizona Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs and the Valley of the Sun YMCA will continue to be critical partners for schools and communities as they come together to support students this school year,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman. “As schools begin their distance learning plans, the extra support provided by community organizations will provide a relief valve for schools to ensure that every student who needs a safe place to learn, has one.”

Using discretionary funding from the federal CARES Act, the Arizona Department of Education and Governor Ducey’s Office has allocated approximately $1.2 million dollars to support these efforts with the hopes of possible expansion with other community partners and working with school districts and charters to sustain funding for needed community services.

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