August 15, 2020


Gone for good? Evidence signals many jobs aren’t coming back

Stark evidence of the damage the resurgent viral outbreak has caused the U.S. economy could come Friday when the government is expected to report that the pace of hiring has slowed significantly after a brief rebound in the spring. As the coronavirus continues to transform a vast swath of the economy, it’s becoming evident that


Kamala Harris Vs. The Invisible Man

“Charismatic.” “Star power.” “Big television moments.” All words often used to describe California Senator Kamala Harris and her 2020 presidential campaign. And never used to describe her potential new boss, Joe Biden. Team Biden hasn’t been shy about their strategy for taking on Trump: Keep the spotlight on the president. Democrats believe that if the


Arizona Historical Society License Plate Gets New, Electrifying Look

Just in time for Arizona’s Monsoon Season, the Arizona Historical Society has a new specialty license plate that pays homage to the state’s powerful summer storms. The new plate was released by the Arizona Department of Transportation on August 10 and can be ordered through the AZ MVD NOW website at Plate design started


DHS Shuts Down ISIS Plot to Turn PPE Shortage Into Terror Funding

As the demand for PPE surged over the summer and shortages plagued supply lines, international law enforcement agencies and industries alike warned that criminal gangs were exploiting the desperate need for personal protection equipment. Now the U.S. Department of Homeland Security reports that one of the most notorious groups on Earth has gotten into the


Opinion: Bidenomics Threatens Small Business

Like many Democrats, Joe Biden is full of promises. The Democratic presidential candidate recently vowed to create 3 million jobs in caregiving and early education as part of his “Build Back Better” economic agenda. Investing $1.3 trillion into American infrastructure. Moving the U.S. economy to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Rebuilding the middle class. These are all Biden promises, yet his


Arizona Partnering With Trump Administration To Extend Unemployment Benefits

Arizona is partnering with President Trump and his administration to extend unemployment benefits to nearly 400,000 Arizonans, making our state one of the first in the nation ready to make these benefits available to unemployment recipients. Under an executive order signed by President Trump last weekend, Arizonans are eligible to receive unemployment benefits of $540

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