August 13, 2020


He set out to mobilize Latino voters. Then the virus hit.

EDITOR’S NOTE — Americans are preparing to choose a leader and a path through a time of extraordinary division and turmoil. Associated Press journalists tell their stories in the series “America Disrupted.” ___ Like many Americans, Ricky Hurtado had different plans for his summer. He formally announced his first bid for public office in March


Opinion: Woman Fights Hunger, Receives Hefty Fine

If you wanted to share food with a neighbor, would you expect to need the government’s permission first? And would you expect to pay for the privilege? That’s what health officials required from Kathy Hay when she set up a “little free pantry” in her yard near the Idaho state line in Asotin County, Washington.


Biden Campaign Adviser in PA Called Women ‘Hoes’ and ‘B*tches’ on Social Media

A Democratic candidate for the Pennsylvania House, who is also an adviser to the Joe Biden presidential campaign, has a history of sexist and misogynistic tweets referring to women as “hoes” and “b*tches,” a review of his Twitter account by InsideSources reveals. Manuel Guzman Jr., is the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania House District 127 in


Opinion: Electoral College – Point/Counterpoint

Point: Our Presidential Elections Are Broken; Here’s the Cure Our current method of electing the president of the United States is badly broken and in need of reform. The system disenfranchises millions, encourages candidates to bypass all but a handful of battleground states, drags down voter turnout, and erodes confidence in our democracy and our


Weak Monsoon Means Fire Restrictions Going Back In Effect On Arizona State Lands

Unfavorable weather conditions, high fire danger, and continual fire activity means fire restrictions must go back in place on some state lands this weekend. Due to public and firefighter safety, come Friday, August 14, the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management will implement Stage I fire restrictions on state lands within Coconino County, south

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