Arizonans Applaud McSally’s Work on Annual Defense Bill

Arizona leaders are praising U.S. Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) for her work to support Arizona’s men and women in uniform.

On Thursday, July 23rd, McSally helped the Senate pass the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with her provisions to invest in Arizona’s critical military missions, save the A-10 aircraft from retirement, and bring home key national security supply chains.

Read more about McSally’s provisions HERE.

“Our nation faces a complex, ever-changing global threat environment that requires constant vigilance against our adversaries,” McSally said. “As we continue to combat the coronavirus at home, our enemies have wasted no time attempting to capitalize on this crisis to undermine our security. Today’s passage of our annual defense bill stands as a stark reminder to those who wish us harm that we stand ready to deter and if necessary, defeat our adversaries.”

“This year’s defense bill provides vital support to our men and women in uniform and to the critical missions at Arizona bases. Not only did I help deliver a 3 percent pay raise to our troops, I secured expanded child care options along with improved support for our military families with special needs. Our military families play a key role in national readiness.”

“As a combat squadron commander who knows first-hand the unique capabilities that the A-10 brings to save American lives on the battlefield, I yet again led the effort to prevent the premature retirement of our A-10 fleet. I also fought to prioritize infrastructure improvements at key airfields, including Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field, which is essential to emergency operations for both Luke and Davis-Monthan Air Force Bases.”

“To respond to the dynamic threats our nation faces, Congress must facilitate the United States using all instruments of national power. I helped ensure our bill does just that by creating incentives to bring home key national security supply chains from China, including the production of domestic semiconductors and microelectronics.”

“It is imperative that our troops have the tools and resources they need to protect this nation and it is encouraging to see my fellow senators coming together to carry out our most important constitutional obligation to defend this nation.”

Read the text of the bill HERE.

Read the bill report HERE.

Local Support for McSally’s Provisions in the 2021 NDAA:

Glenn Hamer, President and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry said: “We applaud Sen. McSally for her work to encourage the expansion of semiconductor production in the U.S. This advanced technology is integral not only to the country’s economic competitiveness, but to its national security. Arizona is an already attractive location for the semiconductor industry, and we anticipate that this legislation will only enhance its position within the industry.”

Chris Camacho, President and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council said: “We are thrilled that both the House and Senate demonstrated strong support for the semiconductor manufacturing industry in the United States. Greater Phoenix has long been one of the country’s leading semiconductor hubs with a thriving and diverse ecosystem that is home to headquarter facilities, research and development, and manufacturing for some of the most well-known companies in the industry. This legislation is a critical step that enhances our global competitiveness, positioning the U.S. to keep pace with the growth of the semiconductor manufacturing industry overseas. We applaud Sen. McSally and members of Arizona’s Congressional delegation for their unequivocal support and leadership.”

Julie Pastrick, President and CEO of the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce said: “The Northern Arizona Military Affairs Council’s (NAMAC) mission has been to partner with Arizona’s Department of Military Affairs to expand public-private economic opportunities at Camp Navajo in Bellemont. Before we could go down this road, important changes needed to take place in Washington, D.C. Senator McSally visited with us, listened to the core challenges we faced, and delivered with an unprecedented conveyance of more than 3000 developable acres in the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This historic and monumental delivery promises to create tremendous economic opportunity and investment in northern Arizona, and is a key component of growing Flagstaff’s and northern Arizona’s economy. We are over the moon on this federal lift. Kudos, Senator!”

Sally Harrison, President of the Mesa Industry and Defense Council said: “The Mesa Industry and Defense Council is thankful to Senator McSally for her support of Arizona in this year’s defense bill. The defense industry in Arizona will be enhanced with new opportunities in Flagstaff and new investments in Yuma. We look forward to final passage of this bill.”

Lynndy Smith, Chair of the West Valley Defense Alliance said: “The West Valley Defense Alliance thanks Senator McSally for championing Arizona provisions in this year’s defense bill and for her continued advocacy for Arizona’s defense industry and military assets, like Luke Air Force Base. Her input on the NDAA will have a lasting impact on the West Valley and greater Arizona as a whole. It is because of her voice that our troops will have the tools and resources they need to protect this nation.”

Ted Maxwell, Chair of the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance said: “Senator McSally continues to demonstrate her commitment to the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. Her experience and contributions as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee have resulted in a NDAA that recognizes and supports the contributions of the missions and bases located throughout Arizona to our national defense.”

Julie Engel, President of the Yuma 50 said: “We appreciate Sen McSally’s efforts on the defense bill towards protecting military assets in Yuma and throughout Arizona. Protecting the A-10 is vital for Southern Arizona and the additional new investment in the Yuma Proving Grounds which will serve to strengthen relationships with businesses across the state and nation. The Yuma 50 thanks Senator McSally and looks forward to final passage of the NDAA.”

Dr. Betsy Cantwell, Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation at The University of Arizona said: “The University of Arizona thanks Senator McSally for her strong support of this defense research priority. As members of the Advanced Manufacturing, Materials, Processes Consortium, our researchers proudly work to advance the Army’s six modernization priorities, and contribute to our nation’s defense strategy. Increased funding allows us to pursue more of the cutting edge research to accomplish this mission.”

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