May 18, 2024 3:16 PM

Prescott Frontier DaysⓇ to Focus on Essential Repairs and Improvements

The Prescott Frontier Days Board voted unanimously this week to shift its facility improvement efforts away from the proposed master plan to the immediate needs of the Prescott Rodeo Grounds. In light of this decision, we have coordinated with the City staff to postpone a study session discussion regarding the rezoning and master plan.Prescott Frontier Days
The rodeo grounds master plan was first submitted to the City of Prescott in the first quarter of 2023. The plan submitted is a detailed vision of what the Prescott Rodeo Grounds could need to operate successfully into the future.
Its execution will take years to accomplish due to ongoing events taking place at the city’s rodeo grounds.
“The reality is, we have the annual World’s Oldest Rodeo to put on which is only 90 days away. The rodeo is the City’s largest event, producing great economic benefits to our region’s business owners and tourism operators, not to mention a major component of Prescott’s identity. The planning and meetings related to the master plan can be put on hold while we focus on producing a successful event for the City of Prescott, its residents, businesses, and visitors. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we serve the City of Prescott and the events that take place at the rodeo grounds,” says Prescott Frontier Days President Kymberli Lopez.
“In working with City of Prescott leadership, we have determined the immediate needs of the Prescott Rodeo Grounds. These immediate needs include ADA access improvements, bathroom improvements, neighbor-friendly sound system, new perimeter fencing, landscaping, underground utilities, improved grandstand seating, and additional box seating. We will begin working with the City Council and community on these essential improvements and repairs after this year’s World’s Oldest Rodeo taking place July 1 – July 7,” continues Lopez.
“The Prescott Frontier Days Board has also been working diligently on our communications program to ensure messaging from the Prescott Rodeo Grounds reaches further into the community and region. These efforts include a new podcast, opt-in eNewsletter, SMS messaging, and improved relations with local and regional media outlets. In the spirit of enhancing our communications, I would like to clarify one more important point for our community, sponsors, and fans. Prescott Frontier Days is comprised of an all-volunteer board, a small paid staff of 11 local residents, and approximately 600 volunteers. We are not a political organization. We simply love rodeo and what it stands for. That is why we were dismayed to hear that a political organization was using the rodeo as a tool for political propaganda. Specifically, the Prescott Mayor recall effort and certain petitioner(s) within that effort who were using the term ‘Save the Rodeo’ to garner support. The Prescott Frontier Days Board in no way endorses this effort nor any other political effort. We are only rodeo and we only ride for the brand. We look forward to enhancing the experiences at the rodeo grounds for everyone, now and into the future, and look forward to revisiting the master plan and process put in place by the Council at a future date.”
[The Prescott City Council Study Session scheduled for Tuesday, April 9, 2024 has been cancelled.]

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