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By working together, law enforcement agencies across the county were able to serve 180 arrest warrants in the areas of Paulden, Chino Valley, Prescott Valley and Prescott.
There are about 400 full-time residents in Groom Creek, and in the summer, that number can easily double. Add to that the potential 2400 additional visitors at the 8 children's camps in the area.
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It was May 15, 2002, when slurry bombers began dropping their fire retardant over the mountains just south of Prescott, due to an out-of-control forest fire, which threatened thousands of residents and hundreds of homes.

Arizona Led 16 States In Supporting Legal Challenge To DC'S Anti-Second Amednment Ordinance

Grammy-Nominated Nashville Songwriter and an “Achingly Beautiful” Artist, Together at Elks Theatre In September Presented by The Folk Sessions