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According to the Prescott Police Department, when suspect Nathan Ring was driving a stolen car, he was also involved in a hit and run.
When the call came in regarding a burglary in progress, Yavapai County Sheriff's Office deputies responded immediately and subsequently catching one of the suspects.
Prescott Valley Council members will vote Thursday night on spending $890,113 on new water meters for the town, and will likely accept the town's 2007-2008 Annual Financial Report.

Chief Randy Oaks has come up with a plan for mitigating the jail closure, but he's not happy about it.
No, foiled again! Well, it's up now, and City folks finally believe there's a problem, so they're looking into it.  Hmmmm... Wonder if there's saboutage in City Hall? Never fear, you'll get your news as soon as we can manage it!

Prescott Council members will begin discussion this afternoon on annexing an area northeast of Prescott Airport. It will be the second annexation into Prescott affected by the voters' decision on Proposition 400.