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Roadwork, revitalization and demonstrations. 

Warmer weather helps crews catch up on pavement repairs in northern Arizona

Bill's Newscast: Talk to the City Manager

Prescott City Manager Lamar holds open hours for the public.

Bill's Newscast: Search for Murder Suspect

Camp Verde Is Searching for a Murder Suspect

Bill's Newscast: The Project to Widen Hwy 69

It Will Take a Regional Effort to Widen Hwy 69

Temperatures in the car can get dangerously high.

Rollover Accident on Monday Morning.

Drivers can expect minimal delays through the work zone through June 30

Intermittent northbound I-17 closures start April 17 for overnight work near McGuireville
SR 169 reduced to one lane Monday through Wednesday next week, with delays of up to 15 minutes expected.