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Bill Monroe, KQNA News, 1130 AM

Bill Monroe, KQNA News, 1130 AM

Hear Bill Monroe on Northern Arizona's Source for News, Talk and Sports, KQNA 1130 AM, 99.9 FM .


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A new roundabout is being installed near the Phippen. 

Plague has been found in Coconino County.

Glen Campbell has died. 

Entertainment District up for consideration in Prescott

Bill's Newscast: Libraries and Crisis

Prescott Valley Library to hold Disaster Preparedness Workshop

Bill's Newscast: School Is Open!

It’s the beginning of school. 

Mines, Schools and Airports.

Bill's Newscast: Voting is About to Begin

Get ready, get set… Mark your ballots!

A Cottonwood bee sting attack leaves recovering tree service employees.

What to do about false alarms?

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