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One significant vote at tomorrow's PV Council meeting will be whether to sign a retainer agreement with Ballard, Spair, Andrews and Ingersoll, LLP, to assist water attorney Lee Storey in representing the town in making general decisions on water issues.

"It seems that when times are tough, people give out of what they have... It's a great community to be part of," said Major Kyle Trimmer as he discussed the unexpected gift found in kettles this year.
Over the past 20 years, the J.S. Acker Musical Showcase has grown to be a cultural highlight in Arizona's Christmas City festivities, and tonight's gala is expected to continue that tradition with splendor.
Congresswoman-elect Ann Kirkpatrick wants to create jobs for northern Arizona residents tapping into natural energy resources.
The Liese-Rosenblatt Gallery was dedicated during a December 5 ceremony at the Sharlot Hall Granite Creek Center.
It's the live update of the Prescott City Council Meeting - starting at 3:00 today.