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In Prescott, "Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil" seems to apply. But what about other municipalities across the state?

Fann Contracting Inc. sponsors Arizona’s first recycling event for electronics—Earth Savvy, Ecycle Day—at Prescott Gateway Mall.

Prescott Valley dog owners are looking at potential fee hikes if approved.

The Prescott Transportation Voucher Program will be eliminated effective July 1.

After crashing into the Pinon Pines, Whatley rear-ended a passenger car and then fled the scene.

downturnThe economic slump we are caught in has given way for a reduced contract that could save the Town of Prescott Valley money in utilities services. Council members plan to vote at their 5:30 p.m. meeting tonight on a contract reduction of $159,500 with CH2MHill OMI Utilities Operation and Maintenance.

Town officials signed a 5-year contract with CH2MHill OMI last July to operate and maintain the town's water system, wastewater system, reclaimed water system and recharge facility, according to Utilities Operation Manager Mark Kieren.

"Annually, the scope of services and the compensation amounts are adjusted and negotiated to reflect any requested changes in services provided, inflation or other changes in the cost of performing the needed services," said Kieren. "Due to the economic down-turn and reduced revenues that the Town is currently receiving, Town
Staff negotiated with OMI to provide a 5% fee reduction, without affecting the level of service provided for core services."

Kieren said service changes resulting from the contract amendment would come in five areas:

  • Reducing the number of meters installed in the Read Meter Replacement Program from 1500 meters per year to 500 meters per year.
  • Eliminating service line replacement during 2009-2010.
  • Limiting sewer video inspection to follow-ups for blockages and as needed miscellaneous requirements.
  • Eliminating post warranty inspection services.
  • Reducing meter relocations to 10 this coming fiscal year where the meters encroach private property or were installed incorrectly on private property.
  • The proposed contract also would allow a 15% mark-up allowance for reimbursements on costs exceeding a combined $1.25 million annually.

Council also plans to vote tonight on a contract with Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) for voucher transit services. "The Local Transportation Assistance Fund will provide $69,040.58 to the town for transit purposes with a 25% match from the town in the amount of $23,013.53," said Prescott Valley Public Works Director Norm Davis. "In total, this will provide $92,054.11 for the Transit Voucher System program with NACOG in FY 2009-2010."

If council approves the agreement tonight, more money would be available for rides for low-income residents in Prescott Valley than in most of the 10 years the program has operated here. NACOG records submitted to council members for review show town officials approved a nearly $25,000 match in FY 2007-2008 for a total of $123,899.03 in transit vouchers.

Council also is scheduled to vote tonight on spending $100,000 for a Virtual Interaction System at the new library.

Council members will gather at 5 p.m. for the 5:30 voting session in Prescott Valley Magistrate Court, 7501 E. Civic Circle.