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Opinion: Clarifying the Issues on Prop 443

PSPRS is a big, complicated issue.

Stand for Prescott is offering a free presentation on Prop 443 on Saturday at 10 AM.

Setting the record straight on Prop 443

Opinion: Phil Goode - My Position on 443

Phil Goode explains his position on Prop 443

My Rose-Colored Glasses Fell Off

Another proposed tax increase. Another betrayal of public trust.

Why Prop 443 is needed to pay the bill. 

The Prescott Area Hospitality Association met Wednesday, offering their membership a well-rounded look at Prop 443. 

Prescott City Clerk will begin accepting written arguments for August 29 Ballot Measures for publication on April 3

Stacks of library post cards are being delivered on a weekly basis to the members of the Prescott City Council. 

Local citizens turn in paper work forming Political Action Committee (PAC) called 'Stand for Prescott'.