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Potential umbrella weather is in the forecast. 

Ken Lain, the Mountain Gardener talks gardening, monsoons, and container gardening. 

Hoping for Monsoons?

Monsoons may show up , but not a lot of moisture yet.

It’s Monsoon Safety Awareness Week (June 11-16), and Thursday, June 15, is the official start of Monsoon Season. The season will last until September 30. 

The weather should dry out a bit for the next few days.

Bill's Newscast: Weather!

We got some rain, but that will dry up for a while

Monsoon Storms Can Produce Sudden, Torrential Rain and Blowing Dust

Expect widespread monsoon activity for a few days.

Active Monsoon Period

Look for increased monsoon activity this week.

Looking forward to monsoon weather?

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