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Guatemalan Chicken Bus - A Way Of Life!

Public transportation: Guatemalan-style! Each ...

Roughrider Live! Yavapai Baseball vs. South Mountain

Today is the Home Opener game. Brought to you ...

Secret Shopper Survey Scam is Back

It’s a scam. Following an email notification, ...

It's the Economic Summit 2018

Prescott Area Association of Realtors (PAAR) ...

Prescott Gateway Mall Under New Ownership

It’s taken a long time to find new owners for ...

Prescott Police warn of APS Scams

Beware of APS scams. Recently, the Prescott ...
Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder and Editor of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She asks a lot of questions! In her spare time, she loves photography, cooking and hanging out with her family.

John McCain To Come to Prescott on Monday

BREAKING NEWS: John McCain is coming to Prescott on Monday, November 3, to join in the Republican's Victory Rally.

22-Acre Forest Fire 8 Miles South of Prescott

A 22-acre forest fire is burning in an area slightly south of Hassayampa Lake.

Councilman Lamerson Weighs In On Impact Fees

Councilman Jim Lamerson discusses impact fees, and why he believes they're the wrong tool.

Hawks Murderer Convicted Today

Skylar Deleon was convicted of the 1st Degree murder of Tom and Jackie Hawks. The penalty phase starts on Wednesday.

Where's the Tax Revenue?

Without Lowe's and other new businesses, the City of Prescott would be deeper in the hole.

Gas Prices Drop below $3.00 In Prescott

It's finally here. $2.99 gasoline prices - hooray! Enjoy it while you can.

New Proposal to Address Sewers and Water Quality

Marlin Kuykendall, Chairman of the Unsewered Areas Task Force, comes up with an alternative proposal that he hopes will be a win-win.

Courthouse Plaza Designated Top 10 Public Space

American Planning Association names the Courthouse Plaza as a Top 10 Public Space for 2008.

Great Lakes Airlines: Welcome To Prescott

Great Lakes has big plans for their Prescott services.

Live Update of PCC Workshop - Photo Radar & Access13

Live update of City Council Workshop has now begun. Hot topics: Photo Radar and Access13.

Events | Education News

15 February 2018
It’s about reading and family engagement. The Family Literacy Night recently held at Lincoln Elementary School was a definite success! Families enjoyed pizza and desserts, children learned
13 February 2018
There’s a new School of Business at Embry-Riddle.
12 February 2018
It’s coming. ​At the February 7th Board of
11 February 2018
It just might rain. In case you forgot what that
05 February 2018
Warm weather continues. Forecast Discussion:

Features | Business & Tech | Sports

17 February 2018
Public transportation: Guatemalan-style! Each year in the United States hundreds of school buses are decommissioned.  They are deemed unsafe for the transportation of passengers due to
16 February 2018
Today is the Home Opener game. Brought to you
15 February 2018
How to prune fruit trees. Overgrown revitalized
13 February 2018
FooteWork Now Operates Four Offices, Issues
13 February 2018
From Ahi to Shrimp, Lots of Fish Are we

Community News

08 February 2018
"You’ll understand, after you see this, what love is all about," explains Director Bruce Lanning, then he laughs. "No, not really." Playing this week at the Prescott Center for the Arts’
07 February 2018
He had to have books read to him, because he
24 January 2018
PCA presents Neil Simon’s Tony/Pulitzer
20 January 2018
About 1400 women joined in the Prescott Women’s
15 January 2018
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Week of

Featured Videos

Jonathan Lines, Chairman of the AZ Republican Party @ RWOP
Jonathan Lines, Chairman of the AZ Republican Party @ RWOP

Jonathan Lines, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party speaks to the Republican Women of Prescott.

Senior Soccer Athletes' College Signing @ BASIS School
Senior Soccer Athletes' College Signing @ BASIS School

Soccer stars Cori Sullivan and Gavin Underwood sign their letters of intent to play soccer in college.

Rep Stringer Explains Vote on Don Shooter's Expulsion
Rep Stringer Explains Vote on Don Shooter's Expulsion

Source: Representative Stringer explains his "no" vote on the expulsion of Don Shooter - expressing his concern that Shooter was not given due process.

A Domestic Violence Suspect Has Been Arrested
A Domestic Violence Suspect Has Been Arrested

Source: Michael Ortez, a domestic violence suspect has been arrested. He has been charged with assault, child abuse and kidnapping.