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It's April: Expect Temperature Ups and Downs This Week

Some days this week you’ll see day temps in the ...

Gas Prices 15¢/g Higher Than a Year Ago

Gas prices are higher than they were a year ago, ...

Representative Gosar: Help Pick the People's Choice Winner

High School students submit artwork for review. ...

Many Retired Persons in Arizona Utilize Reverse Mortgages

If You’re 62+ Years of Age, This Could be the ...

How Falls Increase the Risk of Brain Injury

The Most Common Cause of Brain Injury Is from ...

NASA: 'Yesterday was Earth Day, Today is #SunDay'

Did your power go out recently? Can’t reach your ...

7-Year-Old Recognized For Efforts in Saving His Grandmother

Seth Miller was recognized for his recent efforts ...

Arizona Gas Prices Fall a Couple of Cents

Average prices at the pump have fallen this week.

Arizona gas prices are significantly lower today than they were a year ago, which is good news

Prescott area prices creep up a tiny bit

AZ Gas Prices Drop a Tiny Bit

It’s a tiny drop, but, any price drop is welcome news for motorists!

Gas prices remained steady in Arizona this week

Arizona Gas Prices Drop 5¢ in a Week

Gas prices continue to drop at the pump.

Arizona Gas Prices Fall 1.4¢

Every little bit helps!

Prices rising.

Prices fell 2.2¢ last week.

At $3.50/gal, the prices are slightly higher than the national average.

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Events | Education News

23 April 2017
Local residents were able to get free tax assistance from ERAU students. One of the advantages of an education at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is the ability to obtain hands-on,
23 April 2017
Some days this week you’ll see day temps in the
19 April 2017
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s...
16 April 2017
Warm weather and breezy conditions continue
13 April 2017
Iraq’s central university library was destroyed.

Features | Business & Tech | Sports

23 April 2017
Roughrider Baseball Splits Doubleheader with Cochise College PRESCOTT- After winning the national title in 2016, the Yavapai College Roughrider baseball team continues to stay alive in the hunt
23 April 2017
Roughrider Pitching Only Allows One Run In
23 April 2017
If You’re 62+ Years of Age, This Could be the
23 April 2017
The Most Common Cause of Brain Injury Is from
21 April 2017
Library Postcard Project The public library

Community News

16 April 2017
One Performance Friday, Two on Saturday What happens when you put rivals in a room together? Have you wondered how Peter and the Wolf, Toto, and the Wicked Witch, or a cat and mouse would cope
06 April 2017
Right now, it’s a relatively new startup, with
23 March 2017
Stacks of library post cards are being delivered
20 March 2017
It’s the International Day of the Forest!
19 March 2017
Sean D. Tucker Speaking at Embry-Riddle Prescott

Featured Videos

Cascading combo big Solar
Cascading combo big Solar

This video of solar storms was produced by NASA.

PSPRS Town Hall 2
PSPRS Town Hall 2

City of Prescott Mayor Harry Oberg leads a second Town Hall on the issue of the Public Safety Pension Retirement System (PSPRS).

Recognition for Bravery
Recognition for Bravery

Prescott Fire Department recognize 7-year-old Seth Miller for his bravery in helping to rescue his grandmother.

Bills Newscast CAFMA Minimizes Fire Damage
Bills Newscast CAFMA Minimizes Fire Damage

Fire damage kept to a minimum.