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Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster

The blood clot removed from above Senator McCain’s left eye was associated with a primary brain tumor.

Rain could fall in excess of 1-2 inches per hour.

Councilman Steve Sischka probably summed it up the best when he said the Rally was a time to, “...celebrate all these people who are going to invest in the future of Prescott.”

Potential umbrella weather is in the forecast. 

Progress continues to be made against the Brooklyn Complex Fires, east of I-17. 

Trent Franks proposes legislation to help bring Charlie Gard to the United States.

It's the Live Update of the Prescott City Council study session and voting meeting. Starts at 1.

In one day containment on the Brooklyn Fire went from 0-75% contained.

Candidate Phil Goode will be holding a “Meet & Greet” on Monday, July 24th.

Yesterday’s closure of I-17 was yet another fire. Fortunately, it was suppressed in hours. 

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