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Working for a Major League Baseball team? Taking a stroll through the halls of the White House? Internships are a formal type of volunteerism, and nothing looks better on a scholarship application!
Call it The Odd Couple revisited. When Mendy Mendenhall participated in a Big Brothers Big Sisters fishing event with the Prescott Fly Casters Club and Lynx Creek Unlimited this past year, he didn’t anticipate wanting to become a Big Brother.

The Big Shot-Caller

Director Marlene Rhein already has an extremely successful career. She has directed over 40 music videos for artists such as Tupac Shakur and Amy Winehouse. But, she wanted more, and she got it, with the completion of her first feature film, The Big Shot-Caller.
Some may have the idea that Film Festivals are just for serious art films or documentaries, but comedies were well represented at this year's Sedona International Film Festival.
Speed and Angels is a movie that will be inspirational for many people. This is a really great movie and it rates seven stars and 4 thumbs up!
"The Music in Me", a documentary from Australia about a dance troupe of handicapped children and adults won two awards at the Sedona International Film Festival (SIFF) last weekend, “Most Inspiring Documentary” and the “Georgia Frontiere Memorial Scholarship.”