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Have you filled out your FAFSA form yet? No? But, if you didn’t hop out of bed on January 1st and fill out your FAFSA; if you’ve looked at the form in horror, dismay, puzzlement or even despair, help is on the way.
Brad is a great 12-year-old kid. He has the potential to accomplish anything. Yet, his choices may not be as broad as one might hope. Without someone special he can relate with, Brad might end up walking down some of life's darker paths.
Charity is 7 years old and has been waiting for a Big for two months. This social butterfly loves being feminine. She likes to play house and dress-up with her sisters. She loves to cuddle puppies, kitties and bunnies too.
On the surface “gossip” sounds like a pretty innocent word. But there are consequences of idle chat. What if the person spreading the gossip has the ear of a powerful person? Then a simple rumor can lead to a real abuse of power and influence.

Scholarship Toolkit: ASU

Is your high school junior or senior getting ready for college? Wondering how to choose which college or university to attend? This week in Scholarship Toolkit, we offer a view of ASU.
Antelope Lanes was rockin' and literally rollin' yesterday, as the bowling alley hosted Big Brothers Big Sisters.