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The Definition of a Good Wine

Some wine terms are vague, confusing or both and as complex and intimidating as the subject on wine can be, I think a little explanation is called for.
For now we’ll just ask, why does a student choose a particular college and then put in all that hard work to convince their parents that this is their dream school which will put them on the fast track to life-long success?

Poppy Seed Turkey

Got some turkey that didn't get eaten on Thanksgiving? No problem, try this casserole, Poppy Seed Turkey. Quick to assemble, it's a nice break after all the cooking on Thursday!


Having a few appetizers on hand in case people drop by makes you look like a Super Cook. Here are a couple that can be prepared in advance, and are fast and easy to serve.

Thanksgiving Twist: Sweet Potato Hash

Tired of candied yams? Done with brown sugar and marshmellows covering your sweet potatoes? Well, try this recipe for something different.
Coca-Cola has a scholarship, Pepsi has a scholarship, Target has a scholarship, WalMart has a scholarship, even Dollar General has a scholarship. But the competition for this money is fierce because these big companies receive applications from all over the United States.