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Tips to Keep Your Pet Out of The Garden

Mountain Gardener Ken Lain Shares His Tricks to Keep Dogs and Cats Out Your Garden

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More Dog Safety Tips for the 4th

Don't take your dog to fireworks events!

Yavapai Humane Society celebrates 3,353 lives saved in 2015 with adoption extravaganza “Bark in the Mew Year” $20.16 Adoption Deal

Yavapai Humane Society is hosting a Christmas Party where guests can be a Santa “Claws” for a cause. 

Your Cats and Dogs See More Than You Know

What does your pet see that you don’t?

Shelters across the State and local media team up to match homeless pets with forever families

Pet vs Hardwood

Let's face it. Pets are tough on hardwood floors. 

You'll have no worries if your carpet is pee-perfect!