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Matt Santos

Matt Santos

This week Matt Santos sits down with Eric Vernier, owner of Big Daddy E’s BBQ in Chino Valley.

PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ- Hockey is back at the Prescott Valley Event Center. Too bad so few fans were there to see it.

This interview is with… us!

If you ever wanted to be on the ground floor of something big, like an up-and-coming band, good stock tip, or the next best seller, Friday night, April 8th is your chance. 

Mile High Show with Bill Monroe

This week Matt sits down with Bill Monroe, local journalist & broadcaster.

Bruner receives congratulations from his staff and supporters. 

Mile High Show: Gary & the Cat - The Future of the PVEC

This week Matt sits down with Satish “Catfish” Athelli & Gary Spiker, both of the Prescott Valley Event Center. 

This week Matt sits down with Chino Valley Mayor Chris Marley & newly appointed council member Corey Mendoza.

Mile High Show: Back to School Advice from a Watering Hole

The first day of school is a big deal for a Kindergartener, and for his Pop!

Mile High Show: Leslie Earl Lyman- Musician, not Serial Killer

This week Matt sits down with local musician Leslie Earl Lyman.

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