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"Will we be able to go?" That was the question on just about every visiting Northpoint student, parent and staff member's mind during the Prescott Unified School District (PUSD) School Board meeting Tuesday evening.

On the Road to South Africa?

A standing-room-only crowd was on hand for the Prescott Unified School District (PUSD) Board meeting on Tuesday night. The topic generating the most interest? A proposal by Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy staff for a student trip to South Africa in May, 2008.

There are three things important for schools: quality of the teachers, you guys have high quality teachers; quality of the curriculum, I guarantee you that you have high quality curriculum; and the motivation of the students," Tom Horne, Arizona State Superintendent of Schools, said to the students seated in a circle around him. Horne made his remarks during a recent tour of Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy in Prescott.

This is just a bunch of kids who have gotten together to do something right," says Ian Paget, 17, a junior at Prescott High School (PHS).
They gathered together solemnly under the lights at the high school. The conversation was subdued and quiet. There was no laughter on this warm, summer night amongst these students. This was a night for comfort and tears; for hugs and prayers.

Learning Metrics the Fun Way

Two-liter bottles partially filled with water were flying in the air as students on the other side of the field had the speed of their pitches clocked by a radar gun. Yet another group of students tried to run with 4 at a time inside a stretched out bicycle tube. When frisbees were tossed, the distance was measured; and several young teenagers tried to run the fastest in a 30-meter race. For the grand finale at the end, a tug-of-war was held, where teams competed against each other.