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Education (878)

Geneva Saint-Amour, Director of Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy takes a frank look at some of the school's strengths and struggles.
Should Northpoint Academy be closed and the grant money ($600,000) refunded to the Gates Foundation? And if a new high school were to be built, where would it go?
“You just don’t get contrariness from the kids here,” according to Carolyn Helm.
Wondering which school to choose for your students next year? The "Hooked on School" fair takes place next Saturday, March 1 at Prescott Gateway Mall.

At the PEAK of Learning

Slipped into the far back corner of the Prescott Mile High Middle School campus is Prescott’s own little “one room school house.”

For this 2007-08 school year, Prescott Unified School District received the best overall school labels of any school district in northern Arizona!