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Round 2 of Yavapai College RESPECT campaign features diversity discussions with NC State Professor Nacoste

It’s the 300th all-time home victory  for the Roughriders Soccer team.

The National Soccer Tournament takes place in November.

Hard work, great ideas and dedication

Yavapai College alumna and veteran faculty member, Dr. Barbara Waak, has been named associate dean of the YC Verde Valley campus in Clarkdale.

Prescott Job & Career Fair 2017 at Yavapai College

Happening Friday, March 31st, 2017 at Yavapai College

Job seekers: Put the 2017 Prescott Job Fair on your calendar.

I-17 Delays likely due to Table Mesa Road paving.

After their Annual Retreat on Monday, the Board will hold their regular monthly meeting on Valentine’s Day.

Bill's Newscast: An Addition for Yavapai College

The Prescott Valley Yavapai College campus is growing once more.

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