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Representative Leach Praises Governor Ducey for Signing New Law Restoring Integrity to Arizona’s Initiative Process

Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Legislation Restoring Integrity to Initiative Process

The bill would require one hour of coding instruction. 

Representative Leach Introduces Legislation Restoring Integrity and Adding Transparency to Arizona Initiative Process

Legislature addresses Presidential Preference Election issues. 

Superintendent Diane Douglas and State Board of Education Announce Legislation to Resolve Ongoing Litigation

RWOP Learns About 'Right to Try'

“What about lifesaving treatment? …In this country, you literally have to beg the FDA for permission to try to save your own life.”

Stevens Proposed More Than a Dozen Bills this Legislative Session that Address the Government’s Information Technology Systems

Arizona Legislature is Pushing a Bipartisan Bill to Reallocate the State’s 11 Electoral Votes to the Presidential Candidate Who Wins the Majority of Votes on a National Scale

Rep. Gosar Introduces Legislation to Close Loophole that Allows Illegal Immigrants to Receive In-state Tuition

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