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Did You Vote Yet?

If you haven't voted yet, you're running out of time! Schools, taxes and fire safety are a few of the issues on the ballots this month. The ballots will be counted and the results announced Tuesday evening at 8 pm. There are several local communities voting on issues this month.
Politics in Prescott are definitely changing. Ten years ago, most local candidates didn't have an email address, much less a website. But, that's sure not the case now.

Love Open Space? Shop at WalMart

We all love the rolling mountains, the tall pines and the expanded vistas that surround Prescott. In our communities, Open Space is prized and treasured; so much so that voters approved a special tax devoted to the purchase of land and road maintenance.
What do 'Bobbleheads' have to do with the Prescott City Council? Is affordable housing possible in Prescott? How many parking spaces are really necessary? And, can't we all just get along?
For the last 25 years, journalists in Northern Arizona have acted autonomously as they work for their publications, seldom communicating or socializing with one another. Lauren Millette, from KYCA radio station, thinks it's time that changed.
When I saw the casting notice for Prescott Fine Arts Association’s “It’s a Small World” I wondered how they were going to pull off a play based on a – well, I’d say a fairly repetitive song from a ride at Disneyland. No worries, as director Jo An Ramsey decided to think “outside the ride,” and pulled it off beautifully.