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Tumbling to the Next Level

For some, it was their first opportunity to experience competition on a new level. They ran, they jumped and flipped in the air. They danced and tumbled, spun around on bars and did handstands on a 4-inch wide beam.
“People give money. Not pieces of paper,” said David Morales, speaking at the Bradshaw Mountain High School college workshop.
It's not every day that a major airline calls and says they want to offer service out of the Prescott airport, but that's exactly what happened, according to Jane Bristol, the City of Prescott Economic Director. Bristol made a presentation at the City Council meeting on Tuesday about this potential opportunity.
In celebration of its tenth anniversary, the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Prescott hosted a luncheon at the Prescott Resort and Conference Center on Thursday, January 17th, 2008, honoring signers of the Foundation’s Endowment Book of Life, Arlene and Lynn Raskin for Philanthropic Leadership, and world-renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman for his life-long advocacy of inclusive practices for the disabled.
"You are a brainwashed twit!" Those were the words from a slightly exasperated Roger Hedgecock as he spoke to a college student who called his radio show to discuss global warming issues.
Could you describe Prescott in 30 seconds or less? What sets us apart from Prescott Valley or Chino Valley? What is Prescott's unique brand, anyway?