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So, what's it like to to pet an emu? (Think soft Brillo pad.) Or to feel a cow lick your arm? You can answer these questions and more for yourself at the Windmill Pumpkin Festival, being held this month in Chino Valley. 
From former Green Beret Floyd Washburn’s Powered Parachute, to Captain Brett Warren’s A-10, the Prescott AirFest was alive with pilots, co-pilots, former pilots and thousands of airplane fans.  Saturday delivered near perfect weather with a crisp fall bite to the morning air, warming to perfect air show viewing weather by the time the air show started.
As a transplanted New Yorker who has been living here in Chino Valley for just about a year now, I figured it was time to scratch beneath the surface and find out what's going on in my home town. And what better way to do that, I thought, than to go and speak to the mayor?



It wasn't splashy or awkwardly elegant. It was just a comfortably intimate gathering of people who wanted to show their support for Steve Blair's candidacy for City Council. Hosted at the home of Tammy Linn, Blair's Campaign Co-Chair, the gathering of 20-30 people included politicians, community professionals and friends, willing to do whatever they can to help in the effort.

Just in time for the Cubs' trip to Phoenix, a little taste of Chicago has come to Chino Valley. Actually Chow Hounds is giving Chino a great big taste of Chicago in the form of the true Chicago Style Hot Dog.

Questions From the Audience

One week ago today, Lora Lopas and Steve Blair had the opportunity to answer some questions at the Republican Women of Prescott's forum.