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If You’re 62+ Years of Age, This Could be the Proven Solution to Stay in Your Home

The Most Common Cause of Brain Injury Is from Falling

Caring for a Person With Dementia Is Unlike Caring for a Person With Any Other Disease

To Serve as a Social Worker Means to Serve in a Variety of Roles – Usually on a Daily Basis

A Heart Attack’s Effect on the Brain

Heart Attacks and Other Forms of Heart Failure Can Cause a Loss of Gray Matter in the Brain

Warmer weather helps crews catch up on pavement repairs in northern Arizona

Visual-Spatial Perception Decline Can be Offset by Cognitive Stimulation

Password Security

Tips to Improve Online Security

A Snapshot of Our Community

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method

Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Slowing the Cognitive and Functional Decline Associated with Dementia

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