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Beginners and Pros Benefit With a Firearms Safety Course

So You Want to Buy Your First Gun, What Now?

Listen Online to Don Grier of the Prescott Gun Club on What You Need to Know

Online Talk Show to focus on Firearms Safety and Training

Matador Red Maples for best blaze red. Adjust irrigation for autumn. Gardening classes for green thumbs in Fall.

“Our classes are hands on with plants, animals and planes,” said Dr. Karla Phillips

Get Shakespearean in Sedona

With A Spring Acting Course the Bard Himself Would Approve

Tips for Choosing and Growing Local Roses 

Why we garden and what it means to rest, unplug, appreciate, teach patience and feeds the soul. Magnificent new Peony just for gardeners. New Arrival of Daisy May Shasta Daisy ready for spring planting.

Confetti Fun Pots

Just a quickie message from our friends at Watters Garden Center.

Growing rosemary indoors, Garden Herbs for beauty, fragrance, hardiness and the Kitchen,  Animal proof herbs, Rosemary skewers on the BBQ, Easy to grow herbs

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