Today: 27.Nov.2014
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Four Arrested on Charges of Burglary...

Four arrested for breaking into local home ...

Silent Witness Offers $100 for DUI Drivers...

Yavapai Silent Witness offers cash reward for DUI drivers! ...

Rep. Gosar Rallies House Members to take Action against Obama's E...

Rep. Gosar Rallies House Members to take Action against Obama’s Executive A...

Handicapped Man Rescued in Remote Camp Verde Area...

Handicapped man rescued after being stranded for several days ...

A Time for Thanks!...

GasBuddy Says: Give Thanks For Gas Prices 44 Cents Lower Than Last Year; Ex...

Senator John McCain On Resignation Of Defense Secretary Chuck Hag...

"I know that Chuck was frustrated with aspects of the Administration's nati...

Another 4.5¢ Drop in Gas Prices this Week...

Gas prices continue to drop, even through the holidays.  ...

DeFacto Amnesty for All Aliens?...

Obama administration promotes "prosecutorial discretion" for handling illeg...

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25 November 2014
Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving - stuffed with delicious goodies and lots of love! Turkeys are still on sale. It’s a great time to stock up, so if you haven’t gotten that extra turkey for the
26 November 2014
Eagles Full court press frustrates Badgers down the stretch. Opening
23 November 2014
Faces And Facts Tell The Story Of Disability November is Family
24 November 2014
#4 seeded Apaches win their 4th championship in 6 years. Tyler
19 November 2014
  A hilarious step back in time, up to the twelfth floor in New
K-12, Colleges & Universities, Education News
25 November 2014
Turkey Day approaching 70º - who can complain about that? The figure above indicates the forecasted high in orange (with error bar denoting the range of ensemble forecast members), average
20 November 2014
Cooler this weekend, but warming up for Thanksgiving. The figure
21 November 2014
As they navigate the rough waters of closing a potential budget deficit
18 November 2014
Watch soccer live online!
18 November 2014
The Prescott Unified School District Governing Board will hold a meeting

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24 November 2014
Yes, men can cook. To prove it, on December 5, 50 Male Cooks will be putting on a feast at the First Congregational Church.  From well-known chefs such as Barry Barbe (el Gato Azul)
23 November 2014
It’s a Prescott Wonderland!  Remember in C.S. Lewis’
22 November 2014
And you thought only Santa had a workshop full of elves making toys for
10 November 2014
There will be a Williamson Valley Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, November
09 November 2014
Prescott couple drive away in new Toyota Tundra, courtesy of Early Draw in

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