Today: 30.Sep.2014
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Governor Brewer Appoints Superior Court Clerk in Yavapai County...

Governor Jan Brewer has appointed Donna McQuality as Clerk of the Superior ...

Arizona Weekly Gas Prices Continue to Drop...

Prices have fallen around 2.1¢ per gallon. ...

FLASHBACK: Sens McCain and Graham Oct 2013 warning on ISIS threat...

McCain's office refutes President Obama's claim that the Intelligence Commu...

30 Homes Without Power Until Possibly Thursday...

Thirty homes in the Groom Creek area continue without power until possibly ...

B of A Demands "Source of Wealth" Information from Former AZ Sena...

  Larry and Linda Gray were surprised to get the letters from their b...

Holiday Happenings...

Home for the holidays ...

Highlands Center Knee-High Naturalists Program Starts 9/27...

Only All-Outdoor Nature Program Designed for Pre-School and Kindergart...

9-year-old Injured on Quad Saved by 14-year-old Cousin...

YCSO shares this story in hopes others will avoid similar circumstances and...

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27 September 2014
Need verification of your Social Security benefits? There’s no need to visit or call an office to get the verification you need. Simply visit There are a
27 September 2014
Saving money, living comfortably.  There are a number of reasons 1
26 September 2014
Watters Garden Center is showing off some lovely Plants of the Week. Who 1
27 September 2014
QB Kepner Throws 3 Touchdown Passes in Win... The Prescott Badgers 1
26 September 2014
Badgers' three teams sweep. The Prescott Badgers volleyball team 1
K-12, Colleges & Universities, Education News
30 September 2014
There will be a forum for the Prescott Unified School District Governing Board candidates Tuesday, starting at 6 PM. Candidates for the local PUSD School Board will be participating in a forum
28 September 2014
The weather is expected to dry out this week. 1
26 September 2014
Be on the alert for severe weather. The 1
24 September 2014
Former US Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr. will 1
24 September 2014
More rain possible from Thursday - Sunday. 1

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25 September 2014
Well, today is another of those goofy days (who thinks of these things, anyway?), it's Hug a Vegetarian Day.  As explained by the Days of the Year website, "Adopting a meat-free,
13 September 2014
Chihuahuas, Dalmatians, Bulldogs, oh, my!  1
10 September 2014
CHINO VALLEY, AZ- With local gas prices over 1
31 August 2014
Naturalist-Led Walks at the Community Nature 1
28 August 2014
A Charity Classic Car Show Prescott, Arizona 1

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